The Pastor's Post

April 09, 2019

This Sunday is Palm Sunday! We celebrate Jesus arriving in Jerusalem with the crowds putting palm leaves on the pathway and saying Hosanna to the King! Jesus is the King of Kings! The message this Sunday is “The Coming of the Resurrected King” Join is this Sunday!!


March 31, 2019

Today we begin a new Easter Sermon Series called “Living the Resurrection Life”! Join us as we explore the promises of God for living life in the power and hope of the resurrection!


March 16, 2019 

Have you ever thought of yourself as a spiritual leader? Maybe not, but you are. For better or worse you are leading others (family, friends, schoolmates, coworkers, neighbors) in spiritual ways. Tomorrow morning we will explore how we can be good spiritual leaders. How we can influence others in a powerful and positive way. Join us tomorrow morning at 11 am at Triple C Cowboy Church to learn more!


March 09, 2019

Suffering is so hard to understand! Why is almost always the question of the day. Why me? Why my family? Why now? Why did God allow this? Why does it seem to never end?

This week we look at 1 Peter chapter 4 to explore the question of why. God is good, powerful and wise in the middle of suffering! Join us Sunday morning to learn more!

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